Carrie Underwood Tour 2016 – The American Idol Diva Is Back!

It was just recently announced that one of America’s favorite American Idol winners will be performing live concerts next year! The Carrie Underwood tour 2016 will be taking place in order to promote her brand-new album called storyteller. She just put this new CD out on October 23 of this year. She will be performing in 40 different Canadian and US cities in the first show is going to be taking place in Jacksonville Florida on January 30. Right now the final date will be happening in Ontario Canada on May 30. Pick up your tickets now to secure excellent seats!

She is also going to be heading over to the United Kingdom to play several dates in the cities such as Dublin, London, and Glasgow. Every date on the schedule will include a stage directly in the center of the venue. This will let every fan in the place get a complete 360° view of the star as she plays all her favorite tunes. She is also going to be accompanied by a few guest stars who will serve as her opening acts. The Swon Brothers and Easton Corbin will have the distinct honor of opening for this country star.

Tickets have already gone on sale and right now the average price for a single seat is running around $200. Right now for show that she is going to be playing in Reno Nevada on April 8 is the most expensive concert that she will put on next year. The average price of a ticket for the Reno show is at slightly over $300 right now. These prices are bound to rise as the date of the concert gets closer. If you are looking to see her on a budget the least expensive show is currently the one happening at the Wells Fargo Center on February 22 in Philadelphia. You’ll only have to pay on average about $140 to be able to get into the venue on this date. Of course, there are seats that are cheaper if you don’t mind sitting in the nosebleeds. If you want a decent view of the show though, the average price is what you will probably end up paying.

You are going to get in better chances to pick up tickets for lower prices than right now. As the date of the shows gets closer and closer, the prices are only going to go up. On her previous blown away concerts there was tons of interest from fans. Things aren’t going to be any different this time around! People are still going to be lining up around the block in order to see the Carrie Underwood tour 2016! On her previous string of shows she visited over 100 cities and played over 100 shows! This time around she will only be visiting less than half of the city’s she did previously.

One interesting piece of information is if you look at the average price of her tickets from her previous shows they came in at about hundred and $80 over the entire concert season. There were several stops along the way where you had to spend upwards of $500 on average to be able to get a good seat. This time looks to be pretty much the same deal as she already has plenty of stops that cost several hundred dollars to get a good view of the stage. Now is the right time to pick up some seats for this amazing country artist.